“For me, practicing law is about striving for excellence. You may not always achieve it but in striving for it, you inevitably enhance the quality of your work. That philosophy, as much as any other, has enabled me to help the people who come into my office looking for a trial attorney and legal advice on a wide range of matters.”
Mario Biaggi, Jr.

“After Mario's summation, I didn't know whether to cry or stand up and applaud. He was sensational. And in the end I probably received more money for my injury than it was worth.”
Retired New York City Fire Marshall
Louis Rossi

“An absolute pit bull who will do everything legally in his power to help you win your case. I would highly recommend him to anyone whose back was against the wall like mine was.”
Retired Correction Captain
Eric Deravin

“He is one of the most respected trial attorneys in the State of New York.”
President, New York Law Enforcement Foundation
Jerry B. Lewin

“Articulate, handsome, intensely dedicated and extremely bright. A truly great attorney.”
Emmy Award Winning Actor
Tony LoBianco

“The Town was railroading me right out of a long career. I had lost my job, my pension, my health benefits, my house and was emotionally devastated simply because I had reported public corruption. Mario stopped them dead in their tracks and got it all back for me. He was absolutely relentless and his summation was a work of art.”
Former Head of the Town of Ramapo Department of Sanitation
Raymond Conklin

“Mario's cross examination was relentless. It kept you on the edge of your seat. In the middle of it, my employer's expert witness tried to walk out. The next day the opposing attorney called to tell us the witness became ill and couldn't resume questioning. Priceless. Mario fights with his head and heart to get clients what they deserve.”
Founder, Carla Caccavale PR LLC
Carla Caccavale Reynolds

“Some disgruntled family members challenged the probate of my beloved sister's will. Mario's knowledge and passion exposed their baseless claims and their objections were dismissed as the end result. Be assured that this is the attorney you want on your side. He is excellent.”
President, RAN Consulting Corporation
Richard J. Naclerio